Share Link integrates with MailChimp to automatically send a email to a subscriber list of choice when a new ASX Announcement is released. You must complete all the steps below for emails to work.

To use this feature you must be subscibed to the Gold plan.

Setting up MailChimp

Share Link assumes you have a MailChimp account and know the basics of using it, this guide will assist with specific configuration for use with Share Link. A free account is okay, just be aware of the monthly sending limits - if you reach these limits your subscribers will no longer receive ASX Announcement emails.


Lists are where MailChimp stores email addresses. You will need at least one MailChimp List created, everyone subscribed to this list will receive ASX Announcements. You will be able to select/change a list to use later on. You can use any existing list or create a new one.


This is the default content/appearance of the email that is sent. Share Link does not put any limits on the contents and appearance of your email. Any template will work but we need to tell Share Link where to add the announcement data specifics within it.

To do this edit the selected template and add the following text to the template content whereever you wish the ASX Announcement details (eg. asx announcement title, release date, link) to display. You can style the text and it will be styled the same when it is replaced with actual data copy the string below and place it into your template.

{{ sharelink }}

{warning} You must copy the string exactly as it appears including the curly brackets and spaces.

Save the template with the above token added.

Note that only a small basic line of content will come from Share Link, you can add as much additional information above and below this token as you like.


To authorise Share Link access to your MailChimp account you need to create an API key. Follow the instructions provided by MailChimp to create your API key then proceed to the Share Link configuration steps below.

Configuring Share Link

Once you have completed the Mailchimp setup steps above we need to configure Share Link to use these details. Login and click integrations from the side menu then choose MailChimp. You should see this screen:

Share Link MailChimp API

Copy and paste your MailChimp API Key into the field and press enter. If your API key is valid you should soon see further settings appear on the page, if you don't see the below try creating a new API key.

Share Link MailChimp API Settings

Each of the options in this form help to configure the email that is sent out each time an announcement is released.

Field Description
Send to This contains all your subscriber lists, select the list you want to send ASX announcement notifications to
Template This contains all your MailChimp email templates, select the one you want to use and make sure it contains the {{ sharelink }} token
From name The name to appear in the from field of the email (eg. Joe Bloggs or CompanY Name Pty Ltd)
From email The email address that the email will be sent from (usually
Email subject The subject line of the email, this can contain tokens (see below)
Content This will be the text that replaces {{ sharelink }} in your email when it is sent out (see below)

Be sure to click save when complete.

Using tokens

Tokens are pieces of text that will be replaced dynamically by Share Link each time an email is sent. This allows you to include content that changes email to email such as the Announcement title, date, and the download link.

Tokens can be placed in the Email Subject and Content fields and combined with multiple tokens and other text. It is important that the tokens appear exactly as they appear including the bounding exclamation marks.

Available Tokens

Token Description Example
!asxTitle! The ASX announcement title Exploration started at South Lamp
!asxTitleWithLink! Title as above, but with a link to the PDF download Exploration started at South Lamp
!companyName! Name of the ASX listed company ABC Limited
!pdfLink! The full URL to the download link
!released! The release date of the announcement 14/1/2019

Token Examples

Tokens can be combined with other tokens and plain text to produce dynamic subjcets and content within emails. You can copy and paste these examples directly into the subject and content fields if you choose to use them.

Token String Result
[!companyName!] ASX Announcement [ABC Limited] ASX Announcement
!companyName! - ASX Announcement ABC Limited - ASX Announcement
!asxTitle! Exploration started at South Lamp
New ASX Announcement from !companyName! New ASX Announcement from ABC Limited
Click to download latest company announcement: !pdfLink! Click to download latest company announcement:
!companyName! announcement - !asxTitleWithLink! ABC Limited announcement - Exploration started at South Lamp