This is where you can update your payment details.

Select the change payment details button to update your payment preferences and save when completed.


This is where you can update your address details which appear on your invoice.

Select the update address button to update your address details and save when completed.


You can view your invoice history here and download copies of your invoices here.


This is where you can update the contact details related to the account contact for your Share Link account. This person will receive the invoices and account related emails.

Select the update contact button to update your payment preferences and save when completed.

Add Reseller

If you signed up independently and now wish to move your subscription to be managed by a reseller you can do this here. If you have an agreement with a reseller, they will instruct you to contact our support team and we will be able to assist with this process.



This is your unique client license code.

It is used for integrating Share Link with third-party software packages and content management systems.

Simply copy and paste it into the application to use it.

If you are using our wordpress plugin, you will need to enter this licence key.

Share Prices

This code (the companies ASX Code) is used throughout Share Link to collect your company data.

If you need to change your company's ASX code you can do so here.

Be aware that this will remove all current data and replace with any data available for the new code.

If your company is listed on multiple exchanges, and you have a gold subscription, you can update the secondary exchange details here.


Your Share Link account is linked to your website's main domain. Website widgets will only work on domain names listed on this page.

It is best practice that your website should only have one domain but in some circumstances you may have more such as a staging or development domain or an international domain that also requires the ability to show Share Link widgets.

You only need to include the overall domain, without www., protocols or pages. ie. NOT

Note to WIX users, refer to the widgets section for instructions on adding your domains.


Your account can have an unlimited amount of users.

Please note that all users have access to all Share Link features available based on your subscription and only one user account per email address.

If you need a user to access multiple subscriptions we suggest our reseller account.

To add users, click the add user button and fill out the relevant details and save.

This will generate an email invite for the new user with instructions on logging in.